CAESCG is a research centre attached to the Almería University and promoted by the Economy, Innovation, Science and Environment Departments. Its job is to become a meeting platform for research and cooperation in Global Change and Environmental Management. It is focused on collective intelligence and knowledge transfers from managers to society at large through the dissemination and impact of their findings. In this way, its I+D+I results will help to redirect the environmental management as part of the global change, by using the protected areas as a laboratory and observatory for testing models of dynamic and adaptive management.

CAESCG is built around three central themes

  • Identifying and characterising indicators to evaluate and monitor the effects of Global Change on the ecological process and ecosystems.
  • Developing strategies to evaluate how much human well-being benefits from the provision supplied by the ecosystems (ecosystemic services and natural heritage) and its sustainable land management implementation.
  • Designing management strategies to protect the biodiversity and to evaluate the role of the protected areas in biodiversity protection with regard to Global Change.